Sunday, July 10, 2011

After visiting my blog, my baby sister felt inspired to write this for me. Thanks, sis, I love you!

How do I inspire you?

How can I persuade you to join in

To come closer to life

To dance in the rain when everyone stands still to watch it pass

To burst with joy at every new sunrise

To laugh at the funniness of life

And to feel, really feel when someone else hurts

You cannot be coerced

For an unwilling participant, becomes an unhappy participant

But I will show you how I live

And I will invite you to sing with me

And my song will become your song

And we can sing together

And laugh together; cry together

I will show you how much I love living everyday

And maybe, maybe you will be inspired to live your life

Maybe you won’t be afraid to enjoy the simplest pleasures

Then I have accomplished what I’ve meant to do

I’ve inspired you.

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