Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

So much to be thankful for - it would take me forever to list all of my blessings. Turkey is in the oven, potato salad is done - I'm in between desserts right now - strawberry pretzel salad and chocolate trifle. I took a minute and stepped out on the back deck - beautiful out here with a soft gray mist coming down to earth and softening everything, giving a dreamy feeling - smoke drifting lazily, to and fro from the neighbors chimney, fresh air on flushed cheeks from a morning of zealous cooking. I close my eyes briefly with arms folded across my chest, I take a deep breath and linger for just a moment before turning back to the kitchen. Family will be here before long - trifle ingredients are calling from the kitchen. God bless you all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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