Monday, October 4, 2010

Vintage Cologne and Lipstick

Whispers from the past bringing memories from when I was a little girl, when I could only look at these things and dream of having them. I would watch with concentrated interest as my older sister would slide the tiny lever on the side of her shiny, gold lipstick tube upward until the pretty, lipstick appeared at the top of the tube. She formed an "o" with her mouth and patted the dreamy color onto her lips and then rubbed and twisted them together until the lipstick was evenly spread across. As I watched, I became so caught up in the process that my mouth automatically formed an "o" as well. For beautiful curls, damp hair was wound around spoolie hair curlers and worn for hours. Then there were the catalogs with gorgeous dresses with can-can flared bottoms, nylon overlays of pink, blue and yellow, with rhinestone earrings clipped on. Evening in Paris was placed on a pinky finger and then elegantly dotted behind each ear -oh the glamour of it all.....

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